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Upholstery + Cushion Supplies

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Cushion + Fabric Supplies in Melbourne

Expertly made and quality assured upholstery supplies available Melbourne-wide


At inform upholstery + design we have an outstanding collection of fabric and upholstery supplies in Melbourne. Choose from a variety of fabric supplies including:

  • contemporary to classic styles
  • prints
  • linens
  • textured fabrics
  • washables
  • velvets
  • natural fibres
  • rouge and decorative trimmings
  • feather cushions
  • a huge range of leathers
  • custom made cushions and
  • outdoor fabrics

You’re sure to find what you need when you shop with one of Melbourne’s leading fabric suppliers.



Gorgeous fabric and upholstery supplies Made In Melbourne


inform upholstery + design owner Derek Martin outside our Production Warehouse.


All items are expertly made and quality assured with the Inform Logo attached.


We offer a free no obligation quotation and will offer our advice to help make the correct choices and understand your needs. Call the experts at Melbourne’s inform upholstery for a stunning range of upholstery and fabric supplies today.

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Quality fabric supplies we stock and recommend


We have a varied selection of upholstery supplies and samples from all the leading local and overseas brands to view at our showroom, including such names as:

  • Zepel Fabrics
  • Marco Fabrics
  • Romo
  • Warwick Fabrics
  • Mokum Textiles
  • Wortley Group
  • James Dunlop
  • Bluebell Grey
  • Bainbridge International
  • Hemptech
  • Contemporary Leathers
  • NSW Leather Co.
  • Innova International
  • Leffler Leather
  • Laine Furnishings and many more



We provide samples from all the leading fabric houses that offer quality, serviceability and style. Explore our winning selection of upholstery fabric supplies today.




Bright colourful cushions custom made to order


Inform Upholstery + Design offers custom made cushions, including outdoor furniture cushions in Melbourne, manufactured to the highest of quality standards. Our range of cushion supplies enables you to customise the design to your needs; you can choose any size, style and choice of fabric. Whether you’re looking to design cushions that complement your couch covers or provide a stark contrast to them, you can be sure that inform will help you find the right upholstery supplies for all your needs.




Kate Challis Interiors

Inform is my preferred supplier for all custom made cushions and accessories. We love products that are locally made and beautifully machined and filled. And Made right here in Melbourne! - Kate Challis Interiors. Fitzroy Vic.

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